Watch Leader
Number of people:
Maximum of 8
Five days or over two long weekends
The Solent
This course teaches you the skills needed to be a watch leader and take charge in running a yacht in familiar tidal waters by day.

You will be taught boat handling to a very high standard, basic pilotage, seamanship and navigation, safety and much more. The course duration is 5 days, including at least one night passage of 4+ hours. The sixth day gives you the opportunity to take the boat without the instructor.

Whilst it is a reasonably intense course, there is still time to stop at different ports each night and enjoy the south coast. You will have plenty of time at the helm, rigging and sail trim.

Rough schedule:
Contact us for available places
Additional information:
Minimum age of 16. Successful candidates should progress to Day Skipper.
You must have completed 5 days sea time, including 100 miles, and 4 night hours prior to taking the course. This is commonly achieved in the form of a Competent Crew course.
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